140-unit Residential Building, Zugló

The plot is divided into two irregular parts, the construction comprises two separate blocks with an underground parking garage.


The tiered design of the building, rising southward, stems from requirements to fit the cityscape as well as regulations by the city’s Chief Architect’s Office.

This block has more apartments and is designed with single-core staircases around an inside courtyard. The emphasis on the ground level is turned toward the pedestrian strip. There we designed commercial spaces for cafés, small retail stores and offices.

In the building’s outer, ground-floor section facing the garden we placed apartments while the entire upper level is occupied by apartments with large terraces.

The block features four single-core staircases. The underground garage features a ramp to Szugló Street for incoming and outgoing vehicles, in line with parking regulations.


The two residential towers of identical height are connected on the ground level. The commercial spaces located in this section are independent from the residential buildings in that they have their own separate entrances.

The two towers have single-core staircases, with 4 apartments on each level. The underground garage connects the two towers and can be accessed by a ramp from the front yard on the Bartl János Street side.


In both blocks the upper apartments have large terraces. These terraces frame the façade like a continuous ribbon, in parts in a solid appearance, as on the Szugló Street block, or by perforated metal sheets in off-white, identical with the colour of the plastering. The roofing panels use extensive and intensive green roofing. The buildings’ engineering is based on renewable energy.

Lead architect: László Vincze dla

Designers: Kornélia Parádi, Gergő Asztalos, Szilveszter Rády, Andrea Baktay

Visualisation: Szabolcs Császár

Client: Green Village Kft.

Engineering: PhG Kft.

Electrical design: Bati Vill Kft – Balázs Mészáros 

Structural engineering: Mutulus Kft. – Géza Balázs 

Garden design: Vár Kert Kft – Zoltán Nemes 

Fire protection: Károly Gombik 

Design: 2018