55-unit Residential Building, Siófok

The former HOTEL PRESS resort is located in the western part of Siófok, directly on the lake. It is separated from the waterfront only by a narrow grassy path.

It was originally built in the early 1970s. The three hotel buildings were managed by the National Association of Hungarian Journalists and were built for Interpress, Press and Radio Inn, in an attractive, integrated whole. The property was designed by LAKÓTERV, at the time the largest state-owned design firm. The Interpress Hotel was torn down in 2010 and replaced by a residential development. The HOTEL PRESS Resort, vacant for many years, was demolished in 2016. Of the three identical buildings only Radio Inn is left and it’s still in use.

In the property’s immediate vicinity stood the legendary round-shaped Orion Bar, propped up on pillars, until its demise in 2015.

The development of the 55-unit residential property began in 2016. Occupying the original’s footprint, the new building is set perpendicular to the waterfront.

Each apartment offers a view of the water. In the design, the structure’s continuous, undulating shape of balconies and terrace boards was given priority. The actual facade is recessed and fronted by large-sized glass walls. The balconies provide natural shading.

The undulating-shaped balconies are sized to accommodate furniture.

The demand for above-average sized balconies, due to the location and the proximity of the water, as well as the facade of wide fixed and movable glass boards served as the foundation of the design.

The heating-cooling system uses renewable energy.

Design: 2016
Completed: 2021