We made a trip to Denmark to the Petersen Tegl A/S

The Petersen Tegl Bricks, founded in 1791, is a family enterprise that produces brick and tile products. It is located in Broager, Sønderjylland, Denmark. Along with machine production, several of their brick products are handmade in the final production phase. As the owner Christian Petersen told us, they are equipped to manufacture any related products, and are open to fulfill any special orders as well as collaborate with all kinds of designers and customers. Their internationally acclaimed product, The KolumbaTM brick, was developed in cooperation with the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor for the Kolumba Museum in Cologne, Germany, in 2000. The long, slender bricks are manufactured in 30 different colours and sold in over 30 countries. Today, they are considered the world’s most expensive bricks.

The company has been working with well-known architects, and so their invitation was an honour to us. Christian A. Petersen owner, and Ingrid Kathrin Groke architect personally gave us a tour of the factory and introduced us to the entire manufacturing cycle. We are grateful to them for the unique experience.

In Siófok, Hungary, a family home, designed by our firm and currently under construction, uses bricks by Petersen Tegl for the façade. We appreciate the developer’s receptivity and commitment to this brick.


Source of the images: Petersen Tegl