Cheesmaker’s Shop and Office, Budapest

In the sixth district of Budapest we converted a TV repair shop into a cheesemaker’s shop.

At the owner’s request we created the work area in one common space around the grand conference room/executive office and we put the service area in the back.

On the conference room wall we hung a large print (6 m x 3 m) based on a prewar painting of Attila Sassy. The original art work is the property of the Kieselbach Gallery, which permitted the use of a blown-up print.

The interior is appointed with FLEXFORM sitting furniture and TECHO office furniture.

The custom-made suspended lights are the work of Kristóf Bedécs.

Architectural design: László Vincze, Péter Mozsár

Lights: Kristóf Bedécs

Custom furniture: János Sajben

Contractor: Paczolay Kft.

Design: 2003

Completed: 2003