Chess Academy, Budapest

Over the past fifty years the west wooded edge of the Kis Sváb mountain was built in with 2-3-story residential houses in the 1970s mostly with a contemporary architectural style based on the traditions of late modernism in Hungary.

On the property, there was a severely neglected dwelling with a partial basement, supposedly from the years between the two wars which was demolished in 2018.

On the opposite site, the emblematic high-rise buildings, which were completed in 1977 by László Iványi, can be found determining the cityscape of the area.

The planning programme consists of apartments on the upper floors and an institutional function on the ground floor, where the Chess Academy desired by International Grandmaster Judit Polgár is going to be placed.

On the two residential floors, 2 apartments with different floor plans are created. Below ground level, the building is equipped with a basement, a car park, and various storage rooms for the dwellings along with mechanical machinery.

The apartments have a large balcony on the favourable sunny south facade, and this row of balconies constructed with straight lines and curves grant a distinct character to the building. The institution on the ground floor receives a separate entrance from Istenhegyi út and a canopy repeating the form of the balconies guides the visitor into the building. The entrance to the staircase of the dwellings can be approached on the north facade from Tusnády köz. The staircase and the lifts also serve as internal access to the car park.

The flat north facade is equipped with openings of different sizes, while the sunny side of the building is strongly articulated with balconies and it is also contoured with a vertical lamella structure which has a significant passive shading effect.

Design: in progress