Hotel expansion, Harkány

The development and expansion project includes the complete architectural and mechanical modernization of the existing main building of the Thermal Hotel Harkány and the content and functional additions in accordance with the new “hotel stars” hotel requirements in effect. Part of the investment is the development of a 21-apartment hotel in the eastern part of the plot, which the investor intends to implement with compact houses designed and manufactured by KEYCO HOUSE. Our office developed the architectural concept prepared by KEYCO HOUSE in close cooperation with the designers and technologists of KEYCO. These are prefabricated buildings, which are rolled out of the factory with full interior design and building engineering equipment with 95% readiness and delivered to the site by road. Turnkey prefabrication can minimize on-site work and provide fixed, guaranteed construction costs.

The area becomes a valuable green place with adequate garden equipment and vegetation planting.

These 4 star rated buildings are freestanding, the apartment complex consists of 21 units with 2 different types of floor plans V1 (42,41 m^2) and V2 (30,93 m^2).

The buildings include a separate kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom, each type has a terrace covered with a pergola directly connected to the building.

The buildings in the Balatonvilágos plant of KEYCO HOUSE are prefabricated and delivered to the construction site by road. On site, the buildings will be moved in by assembling two prefabricated main elements and a neck member with a little on-site work. Its structure consists of 8 and 10 cm thick CLT wall roofing and floor covering elements. The layered wall structure is covered with a Fundermax contact plate on the outside. The buildings are placed on screw foundations.

Heating-cooling and domestic hot water are provided by an air-to-water heat pump.

Design: 2021