Hungarian Houses, Malmö

The city of Malmö, pop. 200,000, is located on the southern tip of Sweden. Vastra Hamnem, the peninsula of the Western Docks had been the world’s largest shipyard until the 1980s. The recession had a devastating effect on the shipbuilding industry and the peninsula was abandoned. With the support of several EU, government and city funds, a large-scale rehabilitation project was launched, and a new neighbourhood’s theoretical, structural and architectural elements were developed.  Part of this development is the European Village, a residential complex. The Swedish government invited all EU and EFTA members to participate in the European Village with a single-family house. Through the use of modern architecture the houses were supposed to reflect national and regional features.

A total of 23 buildings, each the size of 10 m x 10 m x 10 m, had to be designed and built. The developer of the so-called “Hungarian House” was a Hungarian-Swedish businessman, Attila Lendvai. He commissioned Tamás Nagy and László Vincze to design two residential buildings. We applied traditional materials in the two-story buildings. Building No.1’s entire energy demand is met by a 40m2 solar panel installed on the roof.

The completed buildings have been sold.

Architectural design: Tamás Nagy+, László Vincze

Associate: Péter Mozsár

Engeneering: Ilona Suri

Electrical engineering design: József Sápi

Structural design: István Kovács

Contractor: Paper Team

Client: Paper Team – Attila Lendvai

Design: 2000

Completed: 2002