Képíró Restaurant, Budapest

The restaurant used to be one of the finest downtown places in Budapest. When it passed into new ownership, it went through a significant makeover. The street-level restaurant was served by a kitchen located in the basement. We hung oversized prints on the walls some of which also played a role in illuminating the interior space. We kept the furniture and the bar of the previous owner.

Using digital photographic and plotter technologies, we used the works of one of the most prominent contemporary Hungarian artists, Ákos Birkás. In collaboration with Mr. Birkás, we blew up his images, multiplying their original size. The huge pictures, their details, the sophisticated lighting lent a unique ambiance to the dining room.

The restaurant ceased its operations under the Képíró name in 2007, and was replaced by another restaurant.

Design: László Vincze, Helga László

Associate: Péter Mozsár

Contractor: Paczolay Kft.

Prints prepared by: BIG PRINT Kft.

Design: 2003