We design modern buildings that meet the expectations of and correspond to the high standards of our age. We create architecture that reflect on the technical, intellectual and economic challenges of today using site-appropriate solutions. From furniture-scale objects to smaller buildings to complex, large projects, we pay exacting attention to detail. In each project the starting point is the unity of architecture and interior design that guides the commissioning of designers and collaborating partners with high degrees of expertise.

Architectural design:

Our studio’s primary mission is the comprehensive design of residences as well as public buildings, including the architectural design and all the related technical solutions. Within the framework of general contracting, we manage all the connected professional aspects of the project which includes the continous liaison between investor and designer, and the coordination of the work in all departments – with an engineering responsibility at the highest level. We carry out our assignments with collaborating partners with whom we have had decades-long professional working experience. In today’s architectural design business that demands ever more professional expertise and responsibility, these tried and true working partnerships offer an assurance and guarantee to our clients.

Interior design:

We have extensive experience in interior design for places of worship, cafés, office buildings, restaurants, private residences. In the design process we offer our clients creative design options for the layout, floor covering, walls, lighting and furnishing. We also develop furniture design at request.

Fine art:

In our interior design work we invite contemporary artists to create works for specific spaces making them distinctive, unique, and unrepeatable. Among our references you’ll find restaurants, hotels, office buildings where we have used artworks that lend prestige and added value to these spaces. Upon request, we also offer the development of art collections, art evaluation, and the organisation of art projects.