Residential Building, Budapest

Szegedi Road, 13th District

The block’s development was started by the SL Group and the first quarter of Narancsliget Gated Community had been completed when, in 2011, the development foundered. The layout design of the unbroken block on Szegedi road in Budapest’s 13th district was determined by regulations specific to the site. The existing building to which the new development had to join had a 22 metre-long firewall. It was not possible to add a building with a suitable depth for residences and satisfactory solar exposure. Therefore we expanded the central walkways on each level creating a large, well-lit inside courtyard in the style similar to that of classic Budapest architecture.

The staircase and elevator placed in the centre access the walkways on either side. The interior courtyard is open providing natural ventillation and sunlight to the apartments.

Each apartment has a terrace large enough to accommodate furniture. In front of the terraces, flush with the facade, the colourful, collapsible shading panels create a distinct appearance as well as temper the heat of the direct sunlight on the southern facade.

Lead architect: László Vincze, DLA

Developer: HA-RE INVEST

Architects: Tamás Frey, Zsófia Ferenczi, Zsófia Zétényi, Nelli Parádi

Visualisation: VINTER DESIGN -Szabolcs Császár

Structural engineering: PhQ Kft. – Zoltán Sor, Tamás Csőke, József Kiss

Electrical engineering: DORTERV – Károly Dorgai

Structural engineering: Konstruaterv Kft.- László Viktor

Building structure design: Ferenc Barta, Róbert Csott

Landscaping: Égig Érő Fű Kft.- Karolin Bán

Transportation: Ádám Rhorer

Design: 2015