Villa Expansion, Budapest

The villa at the corner of Rippl-Rónai and Benczúr streets, built in 1885 and significantly reformed in the 1930’s, stands in protected historic environment. The designer of the original house was János Wágner Jr. , while the transformation joins the name of Frigyes Dévényi.

The building itself is not protected.

Two storey receives the office spaces and the uppermost floor hosts an apartment.

The present building will be cut visually under the eaves, removing the roof. The remaining basic volume recieves the two new floors and the additional attic.

Regarding the plastered exterior, the authentic facade elements, molding, and projections will be restored. The volume of the new built walls and the roof gets uniform surface finishing: STO VENTEC system with spaded finish in the same colour as the ground floor.

The didactically separated elements of the saved old and newly built units give a hand to understand the transformation of the house, and serve for orientation.

The pitched roof, consisting of more planes, starts horizontally from the Rippl-Rónai and Benczúr corner and breaks back to a lower point at the other corners.

Design: 2011