Bottling Plant, Igal

Preliminary study design of a bottler of mineral water

The thermal water found in the region in the 1950s and the spa that utilizes it play an important role in the life of the settlement. We created the architectural concept of the bottling plant based on a private investor’s idea for the medicinal use of thermal water.

The most important task of the design process for the participants was to find those architectural tools, which can be utilized in the course of drawing up a small scale industrial building, having regard especially to the architectural character and traditions evolved on the particular location, as well as the obligatory scale required in the urban area.

According to our proposal the good solution is not a brick edifice imitating a public building, but a more efficient, actual, lightweight structured and cost-effective, although moderately representative building. Prioritized principles are optimal compliance with production technology, rational construction costs, and durability on the one hand, carrying visual, architectural message linked to the product and appearing as an icon on the other hand.

Design: 2013