Family House, Siófok

The planned family house is a one-storey building, with an unfurnished attic, under a low pitched roof, in a free-standing position on its plot.

The site is located in 5 minutes walk distance from lake Balaton, in a small, quiet street. The garage is positioned in the northwest, reaching-out block of the building. The parents’ bedroom opens up to the garden on the northern facade with a small terrace, the children’s bedrooms are also located here. The kitchen – dining room – living room block reaches the garden with a huge terrace at the southern side of the house, which is shaded by the overhung geometric mass of the roof.

The monolithic character of the house is provided by the simple polygonal floorplan contour sectioning the 15° pitched roof. The grey mass of varying, changing form of the different elevations of the house opens up from the eastern and southern directions towards the pine quilted garden.      

Lead architect: László Vincze DLA

Architectural associate: Zsófia Szántay

Visualisation: Szabolcs Császár

Engineering: PhQ – József Kiss

Structural engineering: Viktor László

Building structures: Sándor Rákosa, Tamás Szutor

Electrical design: Balázs Mészáros

Interior design: László Vincze, Zsófia Szántay

Design: 2014