Restaurant, Csenger

The restaurant-cafeteria, completed in 1994, primarily caters to the neighbouring educational institutions and offices. It is located in the direct vicinity of the Sports Hall facing the town’s main street.

Its roof structure is made of curved, laminated wooden supports.

The distinct chimney ascending toward the roof houses air-vents for the building’s utility system and stovepipes.

The guest area opens onto the Sports Hall and pedestrian zone with a large glassed wall.

The restaurant, just like the Sports Hall, was completed by the local government’s own construction company.

Architect: László Vincze – MAKONA

Associate architect: András Krizsán, Csaba Varga

Structural engineering: István Kovács

Engineering: Zoltán Karády+, Tamás Fenyves

Implemetation: Miklós Farkas, Sándor Csernyi – Csenger

Design: 1990

Completion: 1994