As an art historian, I have always been fascinated by art’s beauty appearing in our everyday lives and in our everyday objects. That’s how the brand was born. Artfans as fans and Artfans as art connoisseurs. I am making fans for women in collaboration with artists using their work.

In the ever more suffocating heat people fan themselves with anything at hand. Men and women flap around with newspapers, theatre programmes, napkins at festivals, in the theatre, or just waiting for the bus to arrive. I thought, wouldn’t it be so much nicer if they did that in style?

Prompted by this demand and inspired by the beauty and love of contemporary art I launched a new brand offering stylish fans for art lovers. I want women to cool themselves in the heat with style; let them be proud as they pull out of their handbags beautiful fans inspired by contemporary art. Let anyone become an art collector!

Fan sizes: 21 cm. Material: bamboo and fabric.

Each fan is offered in a gossamer-like case that protects it from the chaos in a woman’s bag yet lets it show the fan’s shape and colours.


Bubble blower based on “La Floraison” by Nóra Soós

Dreamer based on “Facing Each Other” by Nóra Soós

Colourful Abstract based on “Three-Colour Accidental Tryptich II” by András Wolsky

Black-and-White Abstract based on “The Dynamic of Hidden Order III” by András Wolsky