Catholic Church, Szerencs


The Roman Catholic Church issued a tender for the design of a new church in Szerencs in 1993. The land was bestowed by the local government free of charge.

Our submission won first prize, but the process from design to project completion has been taking almost ten years.

The urn cemetery is located on the lower level. Due to the high level of soil-water, the urn cemetery was built on land level, partly covered with earth on top and on the sides, while the church space was built on top of its roof structure. We created a knoll through landscaping and set the church atop so that the lower structure remains hidden from the outside.

We set a glass-panelled opening in the lower third of the tower built of laminated wood.

In the triangular devotional space there are two flights of stairs by the entrance, one leads to up to the balcony and the other down to the urn cemetery. The outer urn cemetery is protected by long overreaching eaves, it is open on the side and one can walk around it.

The building’s façade is made of hard limestone. The neighboring Bokod county donated  border stones of old vineyards which have been built into the retaining walls.

The local sugar plant, entrepreneurs and many individuals have donated their work and financial support to the construction.

In 2004, a belltower was erected next to the church.

Client : The Roman Catholic Parish of Szerencs, László Tóth

Architectural design:  László Vincze 

Furniture design: Miklós Salamin

Structural engineering: László Pongor

Mechanical engeneering: Tamás Fenyves

Electrical engeneering: Károly Dorgai

Construction management:  József Stumpf, Roman Catholic Parish

Contractor: SZIVÁRVÁNY, Szerencs

Design completed: 1993